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Education is pivotal to the future of Ethiopia but has too often been an unattainable goal due to the burdens of poverty. For our children, that burden is being lifted by your donations. SHYE puts education at the center of every decision we make for the children entrusted to us. The attainment of education leads to healthier, more productive and more fulfilling lives for our students. Education is pivotal to breaking the cycle of poverty so many of our young people suffer.

$250 Pays for the private school tuition, school supplies, & uniforms for one child

$500 Pays for the private school tuition, school supplies & uniforms for two children

$10,000 Provides 5,000 hours of tutoring for SHYE beneficiaries

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Private School Education

A private school education is integral to the future of the children we care for. By providing tuition to private schools, we ensure that the children have access to quality education with smaller classes and dedicated instructors.

We support the children from Kindergarten through the 12th grade, and in select cases, we are poised to continue providing financial support for children to attend University.

School Supplies

You have never seen excitement like the day that new school supplies are handed out to our enterprising students; it is like Christmas morning.

Making certain that our beneficiaries have their best chance to succeed means that we purchase every item they need for their school year; backpacks, lunch boxes, school uniforms, school shoes, text books, notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers and crayons. We pay for all of our beneficiaries to attend special class field trips or events to ensure that they have access to supplementary educational experiences provided by the school.

It is the education of the children who are entrusted to our care that sets them apart from so many others. They have dreams of being doctors, historians and teachers… and of course a few dancers and soccer stars as well. It is through their education that our children may actually have a shot at their dreams.

After School Educational Support

We want our beneficiaries to succeed, and we are willing to provide them with the best tools we can to make certain that happens.

SHYE provides after-school tutorials in small-group, grade-specific sessions, six days per week.

Each day, students receive a tutorial session specific to one subject, so that through the course of a week they receive extra help on all major subjects. Tutorials are designed to ensure that the children fully understand their lessons and can demonstrate and apply their understanding in the classroom and beyond.

The majority of our tutors are recruited from the children’s schools which gives the students the added benefit of having tutors who have a strong knowledge of student’s needs and the school curriculum.

Summer Program

From June to August, our children enjoy the kind of summer they dream of. They revel in crafts and computer classes, dance and sports. During this time they also continue their core studies through school based tutorials. In keeping with our philosophy and mission, education is incorporated into everything that we do.

Our Country Representative works incredibly hard to create and implement a summer schedule that occupies the children’s time from morning until early evening, five days a week, and a half day program on Saturday.

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